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The H3irloom Food Group is a multi-dimensional culinary organization spanning catering, events, educational platforms, and sustainability through farming. The 3 in H3irloom represents the familial bond between the founding partners as a nod to their past, present, and future together. With its deep significance in African culture and religious traditions around the world, the number 3 serves as a continuous reminder to bring reverence to each and every part of the dining experience. H3irloom Food Group captures food service creatively and completely.

Who We Are
David & Tonya Thomas have been partners in life and in work for nearly thirty years. Together they've cooked at the James Beard House, flew to Ireland to cook with Guinness at Meatopia, had a transformative experience with Michael Twitty's Roots to Glory Tour, and appeared on Chopped, The Today Show, and PBS. Their latest project is joining hands with 5 other creatives to acquire 38 acres of land on St. Helena Island, South Carolina for the Muloma Heritage Center.


Our Mission

The H3irloom Food Group strives to provide its clients with unparalleled culinary creations and experiences that honor the environment, the community, and the history of the food we serve. As a 100% black-owned company, our mission is to uplift the black food narrative and provide a multi-dimensional approach to the black food experience. Excellence in substance and service is our goal.

Our Specialty

The H3irloom Food Group is a multi-dimensional culinary organization spanning catering and events. We specialize in flavorful and modern dishes that redefine the way you and your guests experience food. Whether a request for international cuisine or an adjustment for dietary restrictions, our diversified team has the skill and expertise to create a menu tailored to your needs. We take pride in exceeding your expectations and creating an unforgettable culinary experience that complements your event.

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