*The next batch of sauces will be available mid-November 2021*


The H3 Hotsauce Set is back with a new look and a brand new sauce! Introducing SMOK'D-- the newest addition to the hot sauce crew of SWEAT & SOSU. Handcrafted in small batches and perfected by H3irloom Food Group's award-winning Executive Chef, David Thomas.


Please allow 3-5 days of processing before shipment.



Sweat: an American-style vinegar hot sauce with preserved heirloom tomatoes

Ingredients: Thai chile, jalapeno, preserved tomato, and vinegar


Sosu: a West African inspired "peppa" sauce with two different peppers & ginger

Ingredients: Habanero, Scotch bonnet, ginger, garlic, all natural seasonings, and vinegar


Smok'd: an aromatic, earthy hot sauce with Mbongo spice and natural charcoal 

Ingredients: Scotch bonnet, Thai chile, black garlic, vinegar, worcestershire, Mbongo spice, natural charcoal 

H3 HotSauce Trio: SWEAT, SOSU, & SMOK'D

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