Pop- Up Concepts

One of the pillars of the work we do here at H3irloom Food Group is taking the time to nurture the creative expressions of our team and other chefs to bring their dining concepts to life. We are proud to be a new food vendor at the 45th season of the Baltimore Farmer's Market & Bazaar beginning Sunday, April 3rd and every Sunday after through December 18th. We'll be using this opportunity to bring pop-up concepts powered by H3irloom Food Group straight to customers. Check out the pop-up concepts coming your way.

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Nostalgia Baking Company

Inspired by her late great-grandmother's legacy of baking, Chef Tonya Thomas has launched Nostalgia Baking Company (NBC) to honor the baking spirit instilled in her as a child. NBC aims to infuse modern savory and sweet techniques into classic baked goods.

King of Eggrolls

What started as a hobby has turned into a labor of love with Chef Avanti Brown's King of Eggrolls. His eggroll concept started last year as a simple way to supplement his income. Little did he know, the demand for these uniquely crafted gourmet eggrolls would grow exponentially!